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◆ Remember these important expressions.
はじめまして  How do you do?
This greeting is used when meeting somebody for the first time. It is the shortened form of “はじめておめにかかります”(“We are meeting for the first time”).

ABC商事(しょうじ)のスミスと(もう)します I'm (John)Smith from ABC Corporation

When introducing himself, Mr. Smith says “ABCしょうじのスミスともうします”. The first person pronoun is often left unsaid in Japanese. This is a polite expression. It is not necessary to use this when talking to acquaintances. In Japan, introductions using family name alone are common practice.

よろしくお(ねが)いします  I hope we can work well together

This expression is very often used when introducing oneself and when asking someone to do something.

みなさんでどうぞ  Please enjoy them with your staff

“どうぞ” (“please”) is used when handing somebody presents, souvenirs, etc. When handing over something like sweets, which can be shared with other people, “みなさんでどうぞ” is used.

すみません  Thank you

“すみません” varies in meaning. In the dialogue, Mr. Smith means “thank you”.